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Welcome to my official website! 

I'm a Finnish / Israeli / American alternative photographer currently living in Finland. You could call me a tri-national of various cultural backgrounds! I live in small town of Nummela in the rural Vihti, of southern Finland. I have been photographing since childhood as long as I can remember, and finally six years ago I started to do it professionally, and bit later started my own company "The Dark Side of Beauty Photography" which has been the forerunner of my peculiar vision in photography so close to my heart... 

My vision has always been to make beauty out of things strange, weird and taboo, and show it to the wide world that there is a alternative way of seeing beauty, rather than just the shallow version of what today's media portrays. I love motion, expression of the eyes and face in photographs, and certain deepness in the emotions and looks of the model.... I love deep shadows and fragility, and try to use them with rage and fury, melted together in a mixture of chaos.... I just wan't to create art rather than make a commercial success for a brief period of time. 

I'm a old school purist photographer, meaning that I do shoot shoot in digital, but use full frame camera body and prime lenses ONLY for ultimate quality in pictures. I use Canon mainly, as for the body, I use Canon 6D full frame and for the lenses I use Canons 35mm, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses only! I have two 400w studio flash units with softboxes, 3 reflectors, tripods, on camera flash unit and whole lot of imagination for making a good photo. I use Adobe Lightroom exclusively, with some help of a Portrait Pro Studio 15 if needed. I don't use Photoshop, since I'm a photographer, not a graphic artist and I don't need to alter the photo in anyway other than lights and exposure which the Lightroom handles perfectly. If I can't take a good photo without using Photoshop, then I would need to learn better composure and have a better eye for the moment, that's my motto! 

Currently I'm the official photographer of the Helsinki Burlesque scene by Mielipäivä, and most of my work revolves around that scene. I also photograph many of the scene's artists in promo, art and other projects of mine to mention. I also do some Drag show photography among the many other "underground" scenes which I consider mainstream myself. 

I also do mainstream photography, lately Equine competition photography, and have been very busy with wedding photography, graduation photography, corporate photography, boudoir photography, Pin-Up photography, family event photography, child photography, portrait photography and where it all started from the first place; making portfolios for aspiring models!

For me photography is a way of life and creating art for the soul.

I aspire to make beauty out of darkness and evil....


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have an idea for photography, no wonder how usual and normal, or, how unusual, weird and taboo it might be....just let me know and we shall create art together for family portraits, or, for horror theme'd shoots.  

I do photoshoots mainly in weekends and evenings, since i have a daytime job also. I shoot in natural enviroments, but also I do studio shoots, either at the customers, or in my home studio. My rates are very competitive compared to others, since like I said, I prefer art over high pricing! I also do trade shoots (tfp, tfcd etc..) if I see a gain for my portfolio or a possible trustee model for me, just ask!

I speak English, Finnish and Hebrew, so communication shouldn't be an issue.

Your's truly, 

Marco Baron.